If you are serious about learning Dutch, let 'Speak Dutch' help you:


- over 20 years of experience

- individual & small group programmes

- Skype and WebEx as well as live sessions.  


Our trainers

-  understand that serious learning should be fun

-  know that 'just a few words of Dutch' always leads to a lot of ... English

-  believe in learning by doing.


Dutch is not a particularly beautiful language. It's not easy to learn and only spoken by about 25 million people. To make matters worse, if you don't speak it well, you won't find many people willing to speak Dutch with you at all. Consequently, opportunities to practise are few and far between. 
The reason for this is that most Dutch people speak at least a little English and are eager to demonstrate their linguistic skills, whilst being friendly, helpful and efficient at the same time. The situation is fundamentally different in many other countries, where a few words of the local vernacular will often be most helpful. Unlike pidgin German, broken French or Anglo-Spanish, 'a few words of Dutch' will either get you into trouble or, more likely, produce a compassionate smile, followed by the inevitable invitation to do everyone a favour and speak
English ...
So, you may ask, why bother learning Dutch at all? This is a fair question, especially for those who are only staying in the Netherlands for a year or two. That's about the time span during which the Dutch consider you to be a foreigner who'd be mad to try his hand at their difficult and unattractive language. Such a waste of time! If you decide to stay longer, however, you will find this attitude changes almost overnight and people will start asking you: "Why don't you speak Dutch yet?"  
This may well be the most intriguing aspect of life in this intriguing country: from a purely practical point of view you don't really need the local language, but if you want to feel at home, settle in, feel you belong etc., you will find a reasonable command of Dutch is indispensable ... 
And the Dutch will love you for not giving up!
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