Hans Aniba

is a trained historian and linguist (University of Utrecht), who has been teaching and coaching ‘Dutch-based’ expats for over twenty years.        
From 1993 to 2007 he was General Manager of Linguarama Nederland (Language Training for Business) and a member of the Operational Management Team of the International Linguarama Group. From 1998 to 2002 he was on the Executive Committee of the Association of Language Schools in the Netherlands (VTN). His travels took him to some fifty countries and with a British boss, a French speaking wife and a multinational team of colleagues, he developed a keen interest in the challenges and pitfalls of intercultural communication.

Most professional language schools in the Netherlands work with trainers who are native speakers of the language they teach. In these international meeting places par excellence birds of many feathers mingle: teachers and students of Dutch, but also language trainers teaching English, French, Spanish, German etc. For many years this was Hans’ natural habitat, which enabled him to draw from all these people’s experiences, insights and anecdotes and develop an informative and interactive programme for the benefit of recently arrived expats, for whom the Dutch Experience has just begun: www.whatmakesthedutchtick.nl