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Website 14. nov, 2018


een geweldige site. ♡

Website 21. jun, 2018


De taak van leiderschap is niet om grootheid in de mensheid te brengen, maar om het te ontlokken, want de grootsheid is er al.

Website 21. jan, 2017


Geluk ligt in momenten, en terwijl je het hebt, je bent niet eens bewust; pas achteraf weet je dat je gelukkig waren.

Website 31. okt, 2016


uw site is zo nuttig.

12. mrt, 2014


Hoi Hans, so happy to get in touch with u through this page. Gefeliciteerd! I have to say that you are one of the teachers I keep remembering every now and then. I liked the way you were teaching us and how you made the 3 hours really comfortable and without
any stress. I told you before that I learned from you as a teacher as well. I liked the way you gave feedback, the interviews at the beginning, making students writing their names, your eye contact, and your attentiveness to details. In my classes I adopted
the interviews and writing the names. They are working well!! Many thanks for being such a nice excellent teacher. All the best to you

12. mrt, 2014


Zeer goede introductie - en leuk ! teacher’s interaction with the students was excellent. Dank je wel!

Very useful for practicing Dutch hands-on (listening, speaking including pronunciation, and grammar)

12. mrt, 2014


Very useful and good fun. I am very satisfied with the classroom atmosphere that was created and the practice we did on listening and talking.